Design Support

We provide full mechanical, structural, and electrical design packages for everything from custom equipment to new facilities. To ensure the design package meets your needs the first time, we focus on field-level scope development with the end-user, and in-person design reviews.

  • Surface and underground process systems
  • Pump and piping systems, material handling, and HVAC
  • Raisebore and conventional drilling support
  • Design of equipment stands, lifting beams, and safe work platforms
  • Abrasion-resistant coatings for pipelines, mobile equipment, and materials handling
  • Fall arrest systems and tie off points
  • Project management and design-build

Maintenance/Operational Support

We can provide a repair plan for your in-house team to execute, or perform a full-service repair and recertification. We work with you to understand the field conditions for the equipment, and either repair to manufacturer's specifications, or offer modifications to improve the equipment life and function.

  • Mobile equipment inspection and maintenance, including repair of ROP's & FOP's
  • Tank, vessel, and pipeline inspection and thickness testing
  • Equipment inspection, reverse engineering, and certification
  • Rigging and lifting equipment inspection and critical lift plans
  • Mine shaft, hoist, and conveyance inspection, repairs, and modifications
  • Visual inspection services in support of asset integrity programs
  • Failure analysis reports and improvement planning
  • As-builting of equipment, plants, P&ID's and electrical

Inspection Services

We maintain equipment and experience in a variety of inspection techniques, which we offer in support of asset integrity programs, repair planning, and failure analysis.

  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Field hardness testing (for material identification and failure analysis)
  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection